I am a...

First Impressions Ministry specialist with 2 years of experience and strong communication skills. A graduate of Wheaton College with a MA in Historical Theology, focusing on 20th century American Christianity. Skilled in research, writing, hospitality, and guest relations. Seeking employment opportunities in teaching and discipleship.


I was born into a Christian family in a small town in Alabama. I was homeschooled k-12 and felt called into ministry at the age of 12. I graduated high school and went to a small Bible college in Birmingham, Alabama, Southeastern Bible College. I met my husband my senior year of High School and married him my junior year of college. I graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology, and Christian Thought and History. Upon graduation, we moved to Chicago so I could attend Wheaton College. I graduated in 2016 with a Master of Arts in Historical Theology. Upon graduation, we moved to Savannah, Georgia where I took a job at Calvary Baptist Temple working as the Director of Outreach and Assimilation. I worked there from 2019 to 2021 before we moved to Atlanta, Georgia. From there, I took a job at First United Methodist of Lawrenceville as the Coordinator of First Impressions.

Through my education and work, I have developed a strong passion for writing, research, and church First Impressions Ministry. I graduated with my master's with a research interest in 20th-century American Christianity, particularly in Pentecostal studies. I also have an interest in Trinitarian studies and ecclesiology. My future ambitions would be to teach Pentecostal studies or work in a church in discipleship.

Through my work in churches, I have gained expertise in first impressions and hospitality. I have also gained strong communication skills, including website building, social media, and public speaking.

My goals in life are to further sharpen my skills in writing and research. I have a strong desire and calling to disciple the church; whether that be in teaching in higher education or discipleship in the church.